"oh what a tangled interweb we weave..."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

god, i love that feeling.

you know that feeling
when you've been running around
on the verge of crazy
for an extended period of time
and then you wake up one morning
on your own volition
(i.e. not aided by an alarm)
and you panic for a second
because the clock
on your bedside table
reads 12.30pm
and you think to yourself
i MUST be missing something right now
because you can't remember the last time that you weren't supposed to be somewhere by eight AM at the latest
and so you bolt from the bed
and you rush into the bathroom to splash some water on your face before throwing on some clothes
when you realize
or rather
you remember
that you didn't set your alarm for a reason
you didn't set your alarm
because the night before
you crossed the very last thing on your very long list of TO DO's OFF of your list
and so
for the first time
in a long time
you are agenda-less
you can actually DO NOTHING
and feel good about that
i love that feeling!

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