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Sunday, April 11, 2010

carly simon and the staten island ferry

A few weeks ago J and I watched “Working Girl.” It was my second time (though I hadn’t seen it in years) and his first.

The film from 1988 stars Melanie Griffith as an ambitious Secretary and Sigourney Weaver as her manipulative employer. Both women were Oscar nominated for their work, which also features Harrison Ford and Joan Cusack.

Honestly, the film isn’t one of my favorites. I know that a lot of people really dig eighties hair and fashion, but I find them distracting, the narrative moves a little slowly for my taste, and Griffith—in my personal opinion—is almost unwatchable.

HOWEVER, the movie’s credit sequence—beautiful shots of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry set to Carly Simon’s Oscar winning song, “Let the River Run”—is oddly affecting.

First, I will admit—I love that song. Any song with a choir really and I’m in tears.

Second (and more importantly), I love the Staten Island Ferry.

When I was in grad school and unable to complete an assignment, I would take the train to Battery Park and hop on the Ferry. I would sit outside on the deck and wait for inspiration. I was never disappointed. There was just something about the wind and the water and the view that worked for me.

If you’ve never seen “Working Girl” that’s probably okay. If you’ve never listened to “Let the River Run” fine—it’s not the end of the world. But if you’ve never taken a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, you really should.

It might change your life.

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