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Monday, February 15, 2010

Just made it.

I promised I would post on time and here I am. with 20 min to spare. I just wanted to meditate on the wonders of Technology...

This last weekend my sister was getting married in Puerto Rico. We, of course, had snow-mageddon 2010 and all flights were canceled. Well after a day and a half of trying to rebook, it was evident that I was going to miss the wedding. Being the only member of the wedding party - it was a small intimate wedding on the beach - it was a huge bummer not just for me, but for my sister who wasn't going to have her maid of honor, her musician (I was supposed to play a song) and her photographer (Michael was supposed to come with me).

My brother calls me the morning of the wedding and says "Do you still want to play a song for the wedding?" I said OF COURSE BUT HOW? Thinking maybe I could just teleport into the 86 degree weather they were having. He said "skype"

We set a time and I called in. He plugged his computer into the sound system at the reception and I was able to play and sing a song for my sister in Puerto Rico via New York. It was so surreal. I could hear them sending their love and they could hear me singing and playing my ukulele. I'm not going to say it was like I was there - cause it wasn't.

But I forget sometimes what we are capable of doing as technologically advanced beings. We have the ability to share our mediums and our stories to all reaches of the globe. There's something really powerful in that.

I also want to share something that was brought to my attention recently. As part of the Exchange and the Orchard Project (as announced at the 24 Hour Musicals Benefit) they are bringing over the Free Theatre of Belarus:

"Belarus is said to be Europe's last dictatorship, a country damned as an outpost of tyranny by the US.

Despite some slight easing of tension with the West in recent years, Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, still rules his country with an iron fist.

Critics of his regime fear for their lives when they voice their opposition.

But despite these oppressive conditions, Belarus is home to an extraordinary underground theatre group, a band of dedicated actors who use their creative force to speak out for democracy."

I'll let the video speak for itself ... but we forget that something that is as accessable as breathing to us - the act of rehearsal and performance and developing our craft - can be life threatening to some. This is a powerful gift we have.


Happy Presidents Day!


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