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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

as If it were our Jobs

I am thinking about jobs, and how I very much want to work in a flower store.

Sometimes I irk myself because I complain too much about my job, because I'm really lucky to have it. In fact, I think I would go insane if all I had in the world was time to write. I imagine that I'd be drowning in time and then the smallest tasks would become really overwhelming and I'd completely lose my work ethic? Or maybe I'd be happier? I don't know. But, I still say, jobs are important. For rent paying reasons, and also, I think, good old fashioned integrity. Be it teaching or the sitting on of babies or something random, corporate, or random corporate, At Players work it the crap out, while balancing this with our theater selves. And this is reason number 374 why we are cool.

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