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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introduce Yourself, Nick Spangler

Theatre or theater?

Dude, whatever works. Just please don't pronounce it Thee-ey-ter. Please...

Strangest theatre or theater-related job?

The Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose, CA. I did children's interactive shows for them. In the first I played "Arthur" - as in, the aardvark. And that was topped only by the version of Alice in Wonderland we did, in which I played the narrator, the caterpillar, the white rabbit, the mad hatter, the march hair, AND the red queen - all in the same performance. 

What experience made you want to become an actor?

Well, I've been acting since before it was even up to me... but when I knew I was in love with it for life was when I was performing in Sondheim's Assassin's at age 9 and I discovered what HARMONY was in a song! I listened to the cassette tape of the show and was able to pick out my own harmony line I had just learned in rehearsal. Awesome... 

Very first role on stage?

A munchkin in The Wizard of Oz. I was part of The Lollipop Guild and I was awesome! Except during the curtain call of the first performance I bowed so deeply that I fell over and bumped my head on the stage. (I was 5 years old so it wasn't a long fall... but my pride still hurts 20 years later)

Tragic flaw? 

Tragic? That's a bit melodramatic... I wouldn't say it's tragic, but I'm terrible with remembering names and remembering people. Everywhere and everyone. I even re-introduced myself to a buddies girlfriend once and she said, "I know... we've met. I've been to your house..." Yikes. I guess that is pretty tragic actually.

If you were a 1980s television show sidekick, who would you be?

I'm gonna go with Kit Cloudkicker from TalesSpin. The one caveat to the choice is that choice is the fact that the show premiered in 1990... So sue me people, it's close enough. But really, who wouldn't want to be an orphan who lived with the Air Pirates and could CLOUD SURF ON AN AIRFOIL. Awesome. Besides, he was industrious and liked to take risks - like Spangler...

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