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Monday, May 24, 2010

Introduce Yourself, Mary Quick

Theatre or theater?

Well, I don't spell color with a u sooo....

Strangest theater-related job?

Hmmm...I guess it would have to be when I played an insane asylum inmate in my high school's production of Marat/Sade.  I spent the first 25 minutes of every performance curled in fetal position, hidden inside of a small, dark compartment of the platform, so that I could burst out (literally, as well as in song) in full clown makeup and dance around the stage singing about the French revolution...that's pretty strange, no?

What experience made you want to become an actor?

I'm not sure exactly when the inkling started...I was painfully shy in lower school, but we did a play almost every year and I remember wanting really badly to be the lead in The Secret Garden and our annual Nativity play (neither of which happened, much to the disbelief of my nine yr old self...ummm hello?  Both the characters were named Mary!) But finally in fifth grade I got the big part and then that was it - kind of crazy, but I haven't even considered doing anything else since I was ten.

Very first role on stage?

A Bumblebee.....in my first grade Rainforest play.....yeah, they ran out of animals before they got to me.

Tragic flaw? 

Hahahaha.  It's funny that you think I would reveal that.

If you were a 1980s television show sidekick, who would you be?

Who would I actually be or who do I want to be?  I choose to answer the latter...and that would have to be B.A. from the A-Team (for those of you not obsessed with this show as a child, it's the Mr. T character and his name stands for Bad Attitude).  Name me someone else who can kick ass while sporting a mohawk and his body weight in gold chains.  Really.  I dare you.

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