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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Introduce Yourself, Carly Hugo

Theatre or theater?

Theater.  C'mon - Team USA, people!! 

Strangest theater-related job?

Can I say the strangest film job?  I had to hold a large fan up to a she-who-will-not-be-named famous actress while she filmed a love scene, because she thought she was going to start sweating.  It was uncomfortable - and heavy - and awkward.

What theater experience made you want to become a producer?

I've known since I was in high school that I wanted to produce - I love the idea that producers get to choose which project to bring to life and then proceed to assemble an all-star team to make it all happen.  Plus, I'm a dork and like math, so the money stuff always came easily to me.  The 24 Hour Plays: Old Vic New Voices, where At Play was born, was actually my first (real) theater experience ever!  I didn't have any interest in theater... and then I met the At Play playas, and I was hooked.  How could I spend the most time as humanly possible with these people?!  Gotta produce theater, apparently.  And... here I am.  And I'm so damn happy.

Very first role on stage?

I was the Gingerbread Doll in the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker when I was 8 years old.  Out of all the dolls, the Gingerbread Doll was by far the very best, because two mice brought me up to the front of the stage and ripped my arm off and nibbled on it - and then everyone laughed!  No one laughed at the other dolls!  They just stood there!  I made people laugh!!  

Tragic flaw? 

I absolutely suck at sticking up for myself.  I hate confrontation more than I hate green peppers (which is a lot), and it makes it so I sometimes get the short end of the stick.  Blah.

If you were a 1980s television show sidekick, who would you be?

Unfortunately, I'd probably be Six from "Blossom."  I mean, I'd rather be Lisa Turtle from SBTB (which started in 1989, so it totally counts, thankyouverymuch)... but I talk WAY too fast.  Six it is. 

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