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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ah, How Cute

At Play Productions is our name

Though it’s quite funny how we became

Part of this fabulous and beautiful company

Literally it happened “kind of” suddenly.

At first we all auditioned for The 24 Hour Plays

Years ago in the 2007 days.

Placed together in workshops and then on stage

Really made us realize we were on the same page.

Old Vic New Voices in NY then decided to not repeat

Doing this process the next year – our group were in the hot seat.

Ultimately it all worked out in our favor

Coming together and deciding on future endeavors was a life saver!

The moment came when we had to figure out

In literally an hour what our name was and what we were all about

Only because they were printing programs for our debut that night!

Now it was crunch time and people started suggesting at the speed of light

Someone yelled “At Play Productions”…and…we all said…“all right”!!

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