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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Like eachother.

Oh hello! I didn't see you there.

As this is a new blog for us, and my first time posting, I thought I'd be bloggy about the grand idea of Community, and how crucial it is to the sanity and success of any theater person. There are few things I feel so strongly about.

At Play was assembled by the Old Vic / New Voices for a 24 hour play festival Summer of 2007 at the Atlantic - nearly 3 years ago! So how and why are we still managing to work together, to make things? Simply put, we like each other. Friendships and subsequently strong working relationships have been formed. Laughter, tears exchanged, cocktails consumed, plays written, meetings had, all fueled by mutal respect, admiration, and, well, Like.

I have always struggled with 'meetings.' Weird, forced meetings that are like bad first dates, in which you all of the sudden have no idea who you are, or how to express yourself - strange words coming out of your mouth that sound like lies or someone else's words entirely. Not that taking meetings with casting directors, literary managers, artistic directors, etc, can't be hugely beneficial - it's just so much easier to organically get places through the friendships that you make. I've already seen this happening through At Play members and it's just really exciting. Cause at the end of the day, we're oftentimes insecure and and nervous about our crafts - surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and what you do is imperative. Friendships give us confidence and make sane, happy theater people, and enable us to do our best work!

Okay, enough cheese for today.
Mmmm. Cheese.

Til next time!

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