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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hi there. I don't know where to begin with a blog. I have never blogged. Here I am. Blogging. Teehee.

I suppose I will begin my blogging career with a shout out to this play: Goodbye Cruel World

It's been a long time since I guffawed in the theater, but this saturday night I GUFFAWED. I giggled voraciously. I accidentally spit into the hair of the audience member in front of me.
Go see this, you don't have much time (and yes, I have friends in it and no, I wouldn't plug it if I didn't cry joyfully into my program)


Go, go, go. There is one thing that this review forgot to say, which is that the ENTIRE cast (Cindy Cheung, Curran Connor, William Jackson Harper, Tami Stronach, Paco Tolson, and Aaron Roman Weiner) is a pleasure to watch. Oh, the nuance. Seriously, Go.

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